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Happiest Parents Value Sleep

Happiest Parents Value Sleep This article gives some sound advice on how to remain happy as a parent by making sure you and your child(ren) are well rested. By Ilyssa McIntyre 9BLISS sat down with renowned pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp — most widely known for his (incredibly) popular book, The Happiest Baby on the Block and its […]

Nap Nanny Infant Recliner

“Five of the six deaths occurred in a Nap Nanny recliner placed in a crib with a crib bumper where the caregiver thought the child would be safe. Remember the safest place for your baby is in a bare crib on his or her back. Never add cushions, pillows, quilts or comforters to your baby’s […]

CIO (cry it out)

A study released in the journal Pediatrics suggests it is OK to let babies cry while trying to fall asleep — a finding that may help settle a long-running debate among both parents and experts over whether allowing a baby to cry itself to sleep harms the child in the long run. Australian researchers looked […]

Sound Machines

My conclusion is that always use things with moderation. I feel that having a sound machine is useful during initial sleep training, however, once sleep training is complete, I recommend eliminating the sound machine so that the infant can get accustomed to sleeping without an additional crutch. Then, you can use the sound machine on […]