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The NAP Attack!

In our society, sleep is considered a sign of weakness. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I only need 4 hours of sleep a night’ or ‘I can go to bed late and wake up early and make it through as long as I have lots of coffee’ or even, ‘I’ll sleep when […]

5 Tips to Fall Back Asleep My Fitness Pal

TIPS FOR GETTING BACK TO SLEEP, DR VYAS, SLEEPLESS IN NOLA Sleep is so essential for a good, healthy life but is elusive to so many people. And sometimes it is not the ‘falling asleep’ aspect of sleep rather what to do when you ‘can’t get back to sleep’ in the middle of the night. […]

The Guide to Drowsy Driving

There are so many things that distract us from driving safely and the last thing it should be is secondary to sleepiness. The crash statistics paint an undeniable picture. The article below explains what the risk factors are and what could be done to promote good sleep and thus decrease the likelihood of accidents.  So whether you are […]

Fall Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time…It is here again. This idea was proposed long ago when the thought was that if we changed the clocks back an hour, and it would be darker earlier, people would go to sleep earlier and it would save energy (eg, burning of candles for light, using electricity, etc). For something that may […]

Increased incidence of infant death secondary to improper sleep conditions!

As a pediatrician, I have seen many and heard (from colleagues) of deaths of infants from poor sleeping environments. And, these deaths are not all occurring in poorly educated, low socioeconomic background families. A lot of these deaths are occurring in families that are from highly educated, well-informed individuals conscientiously making a decision to co-sleep with their babies and […]

The 2016 Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Guide is here!

This Pregnancy and Postpartum Support guide is a must have! The Pregnancy and Postpartum Support guide for Baton Rouge will answer all of the questions a new mother may have such as: Where should I give birth? Who will help me? What photographer should I use? Where should I shop? What gifts are available locally to send […]

Mom’s Blog Live Chat recap

We had an amazing turnout at the New Orleans Mom’s Blog Live Chat on Feb 24th. Dr. Vyas answered questions from over 40 parents with sleep concerns of all sorts. Check out all the great questions, and the Sleepless in NOLA advice from the link below. Here is a gallery of a few of our favorite […]