Back in the day (the 1930’s), formula was what mothers were told to feed their infant babies. Since then (the 1960’s) research has come out to indicate that ‘breast is best’ and mothers should be feeding their babies breast milk rather than formula because of the nutritional value of breastmilk and the bonding that it provides mother and child. In the hopes of promoting breastfeeding, an adverse unexpected outcome was established from that research in that many mothers felt inadequate when they were unable to nurse for whatever reason. This created many babies that weren’t feeding well, losing weight and exposed to a host of medical conditions as a result. Since then (the 2000’s), physicians have come together in the community and established a newer, better slogan that says, ‘FED IS BEST’. Meaning, feed the baby anything, breastmilk AND/OR formula, as long as they are getting fed something in those early days. Mom is not born knowing how to breastfeed and the baby is not born knowing how to breastfeed. It is a learning curve that may take sometimes weeks to figure out. As mom is figuring out breastfeeding and the baby is figuring out breastfeeding, feed the baby something. It is absolutely recommended to continue to try breastfeeding as long as feels comfortable for both parties involved. Remember, using formula is not ‘an out’ or a failure but a secondary option. We need to change the verbiage used that makes moms feel guilty if breastfeeding is not successful. I am the strongest proponent of breastfeeding but want Moms (and Dads) to know that if you have to go to ‘plan B’ and start formula, it’s ok and not all is lost. Below is a list of formulas that have been thoroughly researched and I stand by the use of them if necessary. There is a great explanation to differentiate them and help you make the right choice for you and your baby. http://www.reviews.com/baby-formula/